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The 28 yo me to my future self.....

Reading old post is like reflecting on my previous thought. So naive yet so true. At least it is true to myself. True to be full of dream. True to enjoy the present. As i always tell myself never ever regret on decision I have made. I should be responsible for it and deal with it.

Now, i am at a point of my life where i am kinda stuck. Stuck in a sense that no advancement can be made. Both career and also mindset. My mind has be tangled by life responsibility, as a child and as a husband recently. The tangling feeling restrict my movement, restrict my mental development and also the dare to dream.

So good to be young, care free and most importantly daring to dream. Dream of achieving the un-achievable, reach milestone that has never set before. Reading my previous post and i laugh at myself. This is me few years back, just this few years can change me that much.

My current career is promising, promising to have a stable income. Is not like i am doing stuff that i hate, i love what i am working on. My passion towards the industry is still burning hot! I hope to tell my future self I am proud be here so don't ever regret. As of the theory of riding high tide of the technology, I think I am surfing on the first wave. The technology of big data analytic. The awesomeness of enormous amount of data and the application is so huge. Prediction, analysis, aggregation.

Some colleagues is leaving for better future, working in foreign country to enjoy the currency exchange.  Is Malaysia really that hopeless? What i can do about it? Should i just leave it...... no the proper question is can i leave it? An invitation came from Taiwan few month back, and my answer is that i still have something i wish to achieve. To complete the project and see it working fine. The experience i can gain for working in database and data layer hoping it help on my career path. But does it really matter? Will it even help me leaving the county? So many question none can be answer properly. As i grow older, there are more string on me. I feel heavy, i feel tired.

Hmm ranting here really feel good. Take note the future me. If you feel puzzled and confuse, you should just start ranting here. It might clear out your mind. For now I think will work on those string on me. One day i should find meaning of this string and how it help me to grow. Forward is not always the choice, but growth is mandatory to face bigger challenge. Be strong, be like a sponge, absorb everything in life as much as i can. It will be useful later.

I wonder....

I need a place to gather my though, so i come to blog. I have been thinking alot about myself and about my future. Lots of decision to be made, wish to consult everyone but i know this have to be done by myself alone. No matter how many advise i get, only i can decide on this.

Currently i am still working with Samsung for the YES project. From a planner become a coordinate and back to planner again. I feel like i am just picking up shit and try to beautify it and next shit will come. Why the hell my job scope keep changing. Why the hell is me the one with lowest salary to do this. The worst is i can do it. It make me feel proud and angry. WTF la.... I wish to quick this. Should i just quit the job or the whole industry itself? A senior told me telco in Malaysia is going downhill, spectrum has been monopolized, big player is stable and will not have big investment in future. Worst still is there depends on China vendor which give them shitty product for dirt cheap price, and there are happy with it. The whole industry is ruin by this price war and make Engineer have no where to stand. There do not need to hire A-player to do their C-rated job, so they are paying D-rate for C-player to do C-rated job. It will say this is the downfall of telco industry in Malaysia.

So? should i stay? or should i just quit this industry? If quit where should i go? There are an opportunity in Taiwan which is in Electronic industry. The IC industry. I din even consider this in my uni time. All the final year subject i take is bout communication. Although the i have some fundamental on this but still did this industry suit me? or can i fit into this industry? I wonder again.. How if 1 year later i regret and wish to go back to telco? All this give and take decision have to be made. I wish i can predict the future, what is hot 10 years later which i will be in my prime time.. I just wish i can ride on the high tide and surf to success.

Another dream of mine, form a team and create a product. What is the motive? I wish at least i can use my skill to create something that can make a dent in the universe (too much Steve jobs stories). Is this realistic? what will forming a team bring me? Happiness? fortune? Why giving up the stable income and start a business which involve risk? I cant answer this now, i just wish to try. I dont want 10years of stable time later and i ask myself, why i dint try? Still back to the theory, give and take.

To be continue.... any faint now.....

Sudden Urge of blogging.. ver3.246589.. watever

Ugh after watching a vid posted on fb page. I cried. Then i ask myself why i cried. Did i cry because that guy without limbs still alive. Did i cry because i wish to be like him? or just cry for the sake of crying.. Alot of stuff happened in my life. Since nearly one year ago i started working, i see alot of situation, point of view, and i had found the worse part of humanity in this society.

Current working this so call MNC but is cow dung company. Samsung, and YTL, both i known in the industry and people wooow Samsung you are good. It is really ntg to be proud of. I cant be proud of the stuff i am working on. It is full of mistake (by seniors which left), lots of shit hidden under the carpet, up on the syling, and behind the big wall. When i just started i am like I must find out all the shit and solve it. The more shit i face the more i become numb. Somehow i did sweep it back to the carpet and hope no one will discover it. This is really bad, really really bad for my career and my mindset. I am worry i will be one of them, one of the ugly wolve in this big ugly organization. Ugh, I hate it.

Another big change which lead to the previous thought is, THE Poison of HaoZhi. Ish, but i am really glad he guide me into such a different world. As in now i can look from more point of view. He ignite my fire of creating a business, forming a team and change the world. "So you want sell sugar water for the rest of your life or change the world?" Awwwwwsome, steve your quote had already change the world. After reading a book "Inside Steve's brain" I started to know how to appreciate a good product. How much of modification it has been done before even going into beta stage. And i hope i can grasp the point on how to create a product that is efficient, convenience and powerful. The book I just finish is a book of humble man created a business. Mr Pua from Phison is another role model of how to maintain a successful business.

Both approach is completely different, Steve way is to let the whole company turn around him, while Mr pua do not have such charisma and choose to let the company self sustain. For me, i think i am not a brilliant genius kind that can let other turn around me. Instead Mr pua should be my role model on how to startup a business.

I got an invitation to startup a product from a primary school friend. To be honest, he is not capable at all. He is so indecisive and keep asking me stupid question. Trying so hard to find Samsung management contact just to get some discount for 2 LCD tv. Super swt, he should put more effort on the business proposal and getting talented in. I think i am gonna reject his offer on the next meeting. I might lose a friend but I think this better than latter. Or i will stay as an consultant to monitor the progress. Personally i have not much confident in this team. Is the team that is important for a successful business, not the product.

To conclude the 1st year of my working life, I need more exposure. More and more and more exposure. I wanna see the world myself. I wish i can join some company like Phison which has a healthy culture. The company culture is the key of successful company.

Thats all bye...

An Email for Dr S

I have a sudden urge of blogging after watching this movie 3 Idiots. It is the best bollywood movie i have watched so far ( bollywood record = 1) LOL. I wish express my feeling to someone, but i cant find my target audience. I only wish that my all the engineer should watch this movie. So i tot of Dr S which i would like to write an email to him to update him bout my current job and keep in touch with him. Here start the email....

Dear Dr S...

How are you sir, I am Kin Fong, Law which just graduate from UNMC last year. This is just a informal email to keep in touch with you and tell you about my current job. I am working in YTL communication as a Simulation Engineer.

My jobscope is to simulate the coverage prediction for West Malaysia Eastern region ( include Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu). I deal alot with antennas and propagation models. I need to precisely identify the morphology for coverage location and select the appropriate propagation for the simulations. Last year one my friend share on his facebook one of your qoute in FWA class, "Life is always full of obstacles, just like the cars and buildings in between the transmission of electromagnetic wave." - Selvan. I feel it is so true. I can truly understand both literally and practically.

Another thing to share is this indian movie, 3 idiots. The movie is about 3 students study in Imperial college of Engineering in India. From this movie, I feel proud about myself which i have found my passion and still holding on it until today. I would also like to share this movie to all the engineering students in UNMC. The most important about being an Engineer is the passion towards technologies.

Lastly i will like end this email with a qoute from you. "Cheerish everything you do"

Keep in touch sir.


I dunno when this email will be send out.. LOL just write for fun...

Summarize Experience@Singapore: Electronic

Woo the 5 day trip has ended and I am back at KL now. The last day was gloomy day, even the sky said so. Since morning it has been raining, quite a heavy one. It is the only night i feel i have enough sleep because we are meeting at 12. The night before i had barely enough of sleeping time and the day schedule is kinda rush.

In overall this is a great trip. Contact@ Singapore is a agency form by EDB (economic development board) and MOM (ministry of manpower) which both are Singapore government agency. As stated by them, EDB will focus on getting investor in to Singapore and MOM will gather talented from all over the world to fit the manpower needs. As for me, this is just BRILLIANT! Getting all resources from outside of Singapore and making their own Economy growth. I can see how much they wan talented people by the way thy treat us.

The accommodation bill for the whole trip is over 20k Sgd. The room itself, each nite cost 200sgd. Staying for 5 nite will be 1000Sgd. They are 36 of us in total which at least need 20 rooms. Here it is, 20k Sgd. Then the food they gave us is top class. Everyone of us is fed like a pig. We have big crab, big prawn, big chicken, big and alot of fruit (durian, mangoesteen, rambutan altho all from M'sia). It is just awwwwesome. U can imagine how much they wan u to stay and work for their country.

Now i am kinda stuck in between. I dunno what shd i do after this. Shd i stay here and work. or shd i get a job in sg. In sg, i have alot of opportunity to grow, to learn, but i am worrying bout their workload. It will be 1.5times more if i work in KL. The pay thr is ard 2.5 to 2.8k sgd, in KL i only can get 2.2 to 2.5k. For me, the pay is not really that important, what important for me is the potential, the growth, the training. ARGHH monday is my interview with maxis, another decision to make.. ARGHHHHHHH

Experience@Singapore: Electronic-Day 4

Day 4, Thursday, 15/7/10

I am still flu and coughing when i get up early morning. Still the same breakfast i had. Then we visited the United Microelctronics Corporation. This is really a China-man company. There re so many Chinese in there. When we are at the presentation room, at the side there are some which board use for brainstorming. I only can see Chinese word on the board. This is really discouraging. Especially for those international student that cant read and write Chinese. Very not professional le.

We had our lunch in the bus. I wish to eat Mc spicy aka chicken Mc deluxe in KL. But my throat do not allow that, I have no choice but to eat the extra Mc Chicken. After the quick lunch, we arrive at Land Transport Authority. A agency for Singapore transportation planning. They had some Sg transportation history presentation, then show us the MRT planning. It is really brilliant. I wonder how much time they use to think of those stuff.

Some old ticketing system of buses. Similar to what we have in KL last time

Last company visit is the MediaTek, another IC design which focus on HD TV chipset and RF chipset. I saw WIMAX technology! I am related to this company! I handed in my CV to the HR and i hope i can get the reply from them.

We had our dinner in Food republic on orchard road. I ate the Ba Cho Mee or some minced pork noodle. Not bad the taste, is different from what i ate before. Then we go to Bugis Village, then Bugis Junction. Not really special but crowded place. And now i am back to the hotel and writing my blog post.. RUSH ah!! the hotel wifi is so slow!

Experience@Singapore: Electronic-Day 3

Day 3, Wednesday, 14/7/10

This is a bad bad day for me. I wake up with flu and sore throat. After having breakfast, which I stupidly go take fired egg and toasted bread, GG(good game which also means ‘good’ job). My throat getting more and more itchy, and also I drink more and more water.

In the noon time we visited Broadcom which is a world leading communication chip design house. What surprise us is when the refreshment and networking session going to end. The VP(vice president) of Broadcom actually come to us and give us some short talk! I am like wow!! such busy person will appear upon us, the low ranked fresh grad! He talk bout how they keep their passion to work hard and innovation to kick their opponent tail ( I think he mean ass). LOL. By the end of this session, I start coughing…..

Next we have visit to HDB hub. I know what contact@singapore wanna tell us. Work hard and stress yourself and get 1 of those flat! Fisrtly I will need to get a job in SG. Then work my ass out until I got a PR. The my CPF ( similar to EPF in Msia) start rolling~~ Wait it roll until I got the money to pay down payment of the flat then I can apply! BUT, there is always a but, I only can buy a second hand house which is at least 5 years old. OMIGOSH, how long do I need to take to get a brand new flat. then how bout a car!!! BTW, I had MOS burger finally! Yakiniku Rice Burger! is DARNNNNN nice! so different from the burger I ate before. There goes my throat, BANG!

Next is a visit to Infineon Technologies a famous brand for chipset and computer industry. I started to get dizzy by then.. I think I had a fever. The Infineon presentation is not really impressive so most of stuff they tell I have forgotten. After that I am able to sleep awhile in the bus, when I am awake , I feel much better BUT! there is alwayssss a but, I am standing infront of a Chinese Indian fussion restaurant at Serangoon road. I say WTH! More burden for my throat! In there we had very very nice CRAB! CHILI crab the famous dish of Singapore! Nice but my throat goes pain again. ISH

More importantly it is Wednesday nite, Ladies nite, My gang are going to Zouk but I am sick. So sad, I can only stay at room and search the net for Mambo nite. A special nite that the DJ will play some Retro music and ppl thr will do some synchronize dance, how cool. Sad, my day end with 2 panadol pill… gd nite..

Experience@Singapore: Electronic- Day 2

Day 2, Tuesday, 13/7/10
Wake up in the early morning and have breakfast at hotel. Looking at those bacon, ham and bread, i tell them, i am gonna eat you for 3 more day ! OH god.. Today we are visiting a fab!! wat is a fab? It is a short name for wafer fabrication manufacturing facilities. Which that company will recieve offer from fabless IC design house and help them fabricate their IC. Sounds boringggg.. Here is where the clean room are, wearing like u ar in insanity hospital. And i can hardly talk to others when u wear like dat and have a mask on. SSMC a joint venture company from Taiwan. The bad thing we only get lecture from them bout their company then do some netwokring and refreshment after that, but no facilities visit. I wish see some clean room and how people work in it.

After lunch we go to Fusionopolis, a place where all scientist gather and think of the future of technology. How cool if i can join, but too bad is that most of the employee inside is Phd grad. In side the showcase gallery, we able to see some of the latest technology adapt to our lifestyle. Smart kitchen, smart bed, smart TV, all smartie stuff which is too far from me. It is the future, who know wat will happen.

Then we are off to Soitek Singapore. The only company so far that show us some potential to grow in it. The facilities is new and so many space is unoccupied. The patented technology there have are cutting edge. It should be a great company to work. Too bad the recruitment has just ended early this year as said by HR.

At nite, we are going to MARINA BAY SANDS! wow! casino! We took the wrong train and we walk so long to get there. The casino is not as impressive as in Macau. The smoking area in the ground floor suck. Not dat classy after all...
MBS i took in the Marina barrage

Experience@Singapore: Electronic Day 0 and Day 1

In the middle of my usual afternoon nap, I receive a call from an unknown number, when i pick it up, it is the contact person from contact@Singapore speaking to me. It is my first tele-interview. After a few intro question and inquiries, the phone call has ended. On the following friday, i recieve a email said that i have short listed for this program. Wow it will be an awesome trip.What more awesome is it is free! I dun not need to pay for the accommodation and food there! After doing some internet search bout the location of accommodation and company visit detail, i have accepted the offer and book my coach ticket online. Here start the journey to Singapore.

Day 0, Sunday, 11/7/10
I depart from Corus Hotel at 10am. A surprise is that i found out one of my coursemate are taking the same coach with me, which bring me a great company. After a 5 hour journey, i am finally at Singapore. My first thought when i touch singapore ground is that, OMG the weather is darnnn hot! I quickly find some shades and start looking for taxi and get to StudioM hotel.

After some rest, we then go to Vivo city for a late lunch. The carl's jr burger thr is much much different from what i have in KL! because thr got BACON!! the real bacon!! not the fake fake chicken bacon or beef bacon in KL! U really need to drop ur jaw to enjoy such big and tasty burger! YUM~~

Then we take a railway ride to Sentosa to the casino! Is fun walking ard in the casino seeing all the expression on the customer face, but some are just desperate. For me who cant affort for such high risk investment, i enjoy by learning at the side of game table. In overall the interior design is good and what's better is i cant smell of any cigarette smell.

My trip end with a long long queue at the taxi stand in Vivocity. ARghh so many ppl are out to shopping at sunday nite....

Day 1, Monday, 12/7/10
After having breakfast, we gather and visit headquater of Contact@Singapore. I am impress by the number of participants and the diversity of the group. There ppl from Taiwan, China, Korea, Philippine and Malaysia. But mostly is Mandrain speaking student so more or less we look like a trip from China. From the Raffle city office block which where contact@Singapore located, we have a great view around central area of Singapore.
A nice view with Singapore flyer ( the big ferris wheel) and the Marina Bay Sands

After the lunch, we have visit to Avago Technologies and a tour at Marina Barrage reservoir which is a flood control system for Singapore water facilities.

After the visit at the same nite, we walk around the hotel and get to enjoy some night scenery at clarke quay. Just a short walk away we are at the famous Merlion. I dare to say that place has the best night view in Singapore!